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We, the Change Makers of the We Can global social movement, commit to foster change within ourselves to end violence against women, and motivate others to join in this journey towards equality, justice and peace.



Rania Barghout, MBC, former member of the Arabic talkshow Kalam Nawaem, speaks about being a Change Maker in Utrecht at the launch of the WE CAN Campaign Netherlands.


The We Can Global Network officially launched on November 30, 2011, during the 16 Days of Activism to end violence against women. The 15 national chapters organized launch events within their country to celebrate this special date. November 30th, from this day forward, will be recognized as International We Can Day.

Objectives of the We Can Global Network:

  1. To strengthen national We Can campaigns by sharing information and experience.
  2. To build the brand and visibility of We Can as a global, social movement.
  3. To support the development of We Can within the agreed We Can principles.

The core principles of We Can, first created in 2004, have been adopted as a set of guiding principles for the global movement. Read our core principles.

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